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Suez Canal targeted as war in Sinai spreads – Telegraph

The puff of smoke as the rocket hits the ship is unmistakable. The muttered invocation of “Allahu akbar” on the video soundtrack declares the attacker’s ideology. What the strike will mean for the Suez Canal, the world’s most militarily sensitive stretch of water, is not so easy to judge. The Sinai Peninsula is the scene […]

Bimco pours cold water on Suez terror attacks – GulfShip News

Copenhagen: The world’s largest shipowning body, Bimco, has moved to throw cold water on the hot topic of Suez Canal terror attacks. While acknowledging that the canal is “a tempting target for terrorists” Bimco stressed it was important not to exaggerate the threat to shipping and indeed more importantly the threat to closing the canal, […]

Political turmoil more likely to block Suez Canal than ship attack – Maritime Professional

Egypt rakes in around US$5 billion a year from shipping passing through the Suez Canal. That is a great incentive for keeping the vital Asia-Europe waterway open, but it may be a big ask for a military already stretched in imposing a state of emergency. For most of its 193 kilometres, ships sail in single […]

Suez Canal Chief: We cannot ban passage of U.S. warships | Egypt Independent

Mohab Mamish, chief of the Suez Canal Authority, said Egyptian authorities cannot prevent passage of the U.S. warships through the canal according to the 1888 Constantinople Convention of the Suez Canal, which Egypt had signed on. “The agreement states that Egypt can deny access of any vessels of enemy countries in case of being in […]

Group behind Cosco Asia attack promises more Suez strikes – GulfShip News

Cairo: The group behind Saturday’s RPG attack on the Cosco Asia containership transiting the Suez Canal has promised more strikes. Al Furqan, which claimed responsibility for the attack by posting a video of the moment the Cosco Asia was hit, has since issued a statement entitled ‘Democracy is Infidelity’ promising further more severe action against […]

Further reports of terrorist attempts on ships at Suez Canal – GulfShip News

Cairo: Two Egyptian news websites have further reports of so-called terrorist attempts on ships transiting the Suez Canal. Misr Al Youm and Veto report army forces in Kantara East region in Ismailia Governorate were able to arrest four “terrorist elements” who had hand made grenades which were set to be used on passing ships. Local […]

Military steps up Suez security

Egyptian authorities have stepped up security along the Suez Canal after a foiled attack on a container ship using the waterway that handles about 8 per cent of world trade highlighted new threats confronting officials since the overthrow of president Mohamed Mursi. The failed attack on Friday on the Panama-registered Cosco Asia didn’t damage the […]