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Russia Could Take Command of Half of Ukrainian Fleet – Lawmaker | Russia | RIA Novosti

Up to 20 warships and auxiliary vessels of the Ukrainian navy could become part of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet following the reunification of Crimea with Russia, a senior Russian lawmaker said Tuesday. According to Adm. (Ret.) Vladimir Komoyedov, chair of the State Duma Committee on Defense, the Ukrainian navy comprises some 40 ships, 20 of […]

Arctic Taskings for the Coast Guard

On January 30, 2014, the White House released the Implementation Plan for the National Strategy for the Arctic Region. The purpose of the Implementation Plan is to put flesh on the bones of the May 10, 2013 National Strategy for the Arctic Region. The National Strategy had identified three lines of effort to address challenges […]

Environmentalists welcome EU proposal on Arctic – Safety4Sea |

The European Parliament has passed a resolution calling for a protected area around the North Pole which could ban oil companies and industrial fishing fleets from the region, according to Greenpeace. The move represents a clear break from the current positions of ‘Arctic Council’ members such as Norway, Denmark, Canada and Russia who have resisted […]

Russia to reorganize military forces in the Arctic | Barentsobserver

Northern Northern Fleet-United Strategic Command (Severny Flot-Obedinyonnoye Strategicheskoye Komandovaniye, SF-OSK) will be established already in 2014, a source says to ITAR-TASS. According to the source, the establishment of the new formation is a result of the need to defend Russia’s national interests in the Arctic, including providing security for its naval and civilian vessels and […]

Putin says Russia needs to beef up Arctic presence | Navy Times | navytimes.com

President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday said the U.S. Navy’s capability in the Arctic is a key reason for Russia to beef up its presence in the region. Putin said he doesn’t envision a conflict between Russia and the United States, but his blunt remarks reflect a wariness of U.S. intentions. [object HTMLTextAreaElement] via Putin says […]

In Russian Arctic, fly high – dive deep | Barentsobserver

Commenting on planned training activities in 2014, the Russian Air Force this week highlighted that the Arctic will be a priority area for Russian military aircrafts. The Force will in the course of the year get a series of new aircrafts, among them of the models SU-30, SU-34, SU-35, Yak-130 and An-148, a press release […]

Russia Grants Bail to Captain of Greenpeace Arctic Protest Ship – Bloomberg

A Russian court granted bail to the captain of a Greenpeace ship that carried out a protest against oil and gas drilling in the Arctic as more of the 30 people detained over the incident were set to leave prison. The captain of Arctic Sunrise, American Peter Wilcox became the 15th to be granted bail, […]