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Source: Seychelles video shows 2 Americans on the town before deaths – CNN.com

Police in the Seychelles investigating the deaths of two former U.S. Navy SEALs have video surveillance showing the private security guards enjoying a night out before the men were found dead in a cabin of the Maersk Alabama, a source with knowledge of the investigation tells CNN. And the video led police to two women […]

Ghana Navy Boosts Focus on Gulf of Guinea

Ghana’s Chief of Naval Staff, Rear Admiral GW Biekro, is convening a conference of senior international Admirals and naval experts to find solutions to further providing security in the Gulf of Guinea. Attending, the Coastal and Maritime Surveillance Africa (CAMSA) summit March 17-20 in Accra, will include Ghana’s Vice President, Minister of Defense and Chiefs […]

Italian marines to be tried under Act that carries death penalty – The Times of India

NEW DELHI: The Centre has decided that the two Italian marines, accused of killing two Kerala fishermen in February 2012, will be tried under Article 3 of the SUA Act which attracts death penalty if convicted. The home ministry gave sanction to the National Investigating Agency (NIA) for the purpose, repudiating its own commitment to […]

Seattle ferry theft raises security questions

Officials are reviewing security for a commercial U.S.-to-Canada ferry service after they say a sex offender managed to steal one of the boats from the Seattle waterfront in a theft that raised the risk of collisions with barge traffic in a busy port area. Samuel Kenneth McDonough was arrested by a SWAT team that boarded […]

India’s coastal security better post 26/11 but chinks remain (Five Years After 26/11) | Business Standard

India has made significant progress to improve coastal security after the 26/11 terror attack in which 10 Pakistani terrorists came undetected by sea to unleash mayhem in Mumbai, leaving 166 dead. But more efforts are needed to reduce the country’s vulnerability to a sea-borne terror strike, say the experts. The 2008 terror attack, which exposed […]

[US] Coast Guard and CBP using more unmanned aircraft for drug smuggling surveillance | Government Security News

In recent testimony before the House subcommittee on border and maritime security, representatives from both the U.S. Coast Guard and CBP told of their organization’s increasing use of aerial surveillance by unmanned aircraft to assist in their battles against illegal drug smugglers. Rear Admiral William Lee, deputy for operations policy and capabilities with the Coast […]

Cyber-attack at a major port could cost $1 billion per day | Government Security News

At a time when the nation’s infrastructure faces a growing threat from cyber-attacks, maritime and homeland security officials say they are making significant progress in protecting the nation’s ports, which handle more than 2 billion metric tons of cargo annually and are critical to the global economy. “It’s finally picking up speed,” said Randy Parsons, […]