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The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) has deployed a task group in support of the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) counter-piracy efforts in the Gulf for the fifth time. During its three-month deployment, the SAF task group will join the CMF counter piracy Combined Task Force (CTF) 151. Chief of…

The Republic of China Navy (RoCN) launched the first of a new class of stealth missile corvettes on 14 March. Tuo Jiang , a 500-tonne twin-hull boat built by Lung Teh Shipbuilding, was named in a ceremony conducted in Suao, Yilan County. The high-speed corvette, described as a ‘carrier-killer’ by Taiwanese media, has a maximum […]

Greenland’s previously stable northeastern ice sheet is starting to melt, according to a new study published in the journal Nature Climate Change. While Greenland’s melting ice sheet has contributed to an increase in the world’s sea levels over the last 20 years, the recent study suggests that Greenland’s northeast ice stream, located 370 miles to […]

Up to 20 warships and auxiliary vessels of the Ukrainian navy could become part of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet following the reunification of Crimea with Russia, a senior Russian lawmaker said Tuesday. According to Adm. (Ret.) Vladimir Komoyedov, chair of the State Duma Committee on Defense, the Ukrainian navy comprises some 40 ships, 20 of […]

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Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) warship, Her Majesty’s Australian Ship (HMAS) Darwin, has seized and destroyed more than three tonnes of cannabis resin. Individual packets of illegal cannabis resin seized from a skiff when it was intercepted by HMAS Darwin conducting patrols of the Arabian Sea. The drugs were…

On January 30, 2014, the White House released the Implementation Plan for the National Strategy for the Arctic Region. The purpose of the Implementation Plan is to put flesh on the bones of the May 10, 2013 National Strategy for the Arctic Region. The National Strategy had identified three lines of effort to address challenges […]

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Map showing proposed Kra Isthmus Canal location in Thailand The following article was translated from Chinese media: The trade route to the Indian Ocean through the Malacca Strait has the problems of pirates, shipwrecks, haze, sediment and shoals. Its rate of accidents is twice as high as the Suez Canal…