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Singapore to Build Second LNG Terminal

Singapore plans to build a second terminal for liquefied natural gas (LNG), as it aims to create a regional trading hub for the fuel, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Tuesday. The city-state – located strategically on the main shipping route between Europe and Asia – started commercial operations of its first LNG terminal […]

There’s more behind Arctic shipping than climate change – The Globe and Mail

There is a continuing debate about the possible emergence of an ‘Arctic shipping boom’ in Canada. Recent headlines outline both cargo shippers’ plans to increase voyages through the Northwest Passage and an interminable list of risks associated with this possibility, while other stories call for a reality check and for promoters of the so-called boom […]

Smuggling cartels, militants hinder revival of Somali port | Reuters

Al Qaeda-linked militants, drug smugglers and shadowy criminal networks stand in the way of the Somali federal government’s hopes of hiring a foreign firm to manage the lucrative but run-down southern port of Kismayu. One of only three deep-water ports in Somalia, Kismayu’s proximity to northern Kenya and Ethiopia has for decades made it integral […]

Atlantic Basin Crude Oil Surplus Bound for Asian

The growth in crude production in the Atlantic Basin will have a profound impact on regional crude supply/demand balances. According to PIRA Energy Group, a sizeable crude surplus will develop within the region, and crude will be forced to seek markets elsewhere, primarily in the rapidly growing countries in Asia. The Atlantic Basin is broadly […]

Iran oil exports limited to 1 million barrels a day under nuclear accord | The National

Iran’s crude oil sales will still be limited to about 1 million barrels a day under international sanctions that remain in force as part of the nuclear accord reached in Geneva today, according to the White House. Iran’s crude exports have fallen 60 per cent since the beginning of 2012, depriving the country of more […]

The Netherlands: Maritime Nation Thrives Despite

The Netherlands maritime sector has fared relatively well despite turbulent conditions brought about globally by 2008’s financial crisis. The country’s marine businesses combine for an annual turnover near $25 billion, compiling upwards of 2.5% of Dutch earnings. Maritime Reporter explores the Holland maritime cluster, its businesses, trends and outlook. [object HTMLTextAreaElement] via The Netherlands: Maritime […]

Port of Oakland Braces for More Disruption | JOC

Port of Oakland managers were bracing for possible trouble Tuesday morning, uncertain whether protesting truckers who shut much of the port down on Monday would return to disrupt operations for a second day. “We currently have no clear indication of whether there will be protest activities tomorrow,” Jean Banker, deputy executive director and acting maritime […]