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U.S. Black Sea naval drills start after one-day

A joint naval exercise of U.S., Bulgarian and Romanian naval forces in the Black Sea has started, the Bulgarian navy said on Wednesday. The USS Truxtun, a U.S. guided-missile destroyer with about 300 crew and part of the U.S. Sixth Fleet headquartered in Italy, joined the manoeuvres with Bulgarian naval frigate Drazki and three Romanian […]

Libyan navy deploys to stop rebel oil shipment

The Libyan navy moved Monday to stop a North Korean ship from leaving a rebel-held port loaded with oil, as the US accused the separatists of theft and warned any buyers could face sanctions. Navy ships were deployed to block the “Morning Glory” from leaving port, after Culture Minister Amin al-Habib said Sunday the tanker […]

Russian Navy Blocks Channel Between Crimea

Russian navy ships have blocked off the Kerch Strait which separates Ukraine’s Crimea region and Russia, the Ukrainian border guard service said on Tuesday. The border guards have said that Russian servicemen are in control of the Crimean side of the narrow channel and that Russian armoured vehicles have been sighted on the Russian side. […]

Department of the Navy Releases Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Proposal

The Department of the Navy released its proposed $148 billion budget for fiscal year 2015 (FY15), March 4. The budget is part of the $495.6 billion defense budget President Barack Obama submitted to Congress the same day. Rear Adm. William Lescher, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Budget, briefed media at the Department of […]

Russia sets sights on Ukraine warships as U.S. threatens economic punishment, Pentagon suspends military ties – NY Daily News

Ukraine’s acting President Oleksandr Turchynov says the captains and crews were ‘ready to defend their ships,’ while a Russian spokesman insisted no threat had been delivered to Ukraine’s government. President Obama said the administration is mulling economic and diplomatic steps to ‘isolate Russia,’ and the Pentagon suspended all military relations with the country. Surrender your […]

Hagel Expands on Reservations’ About Littoral Combat Ship – Bloomberg

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said his “considerable reservations” about the Littoral Combat Ship led him to bar planning for any more than 32 of the vessels, 20 fewer than the Navy’s $34 billion program. “Given the emerging threat environment of the future, I have considerable reservations as to whether this is what our Navy […]

[US] Navy to Take Larger Role In Arctic Region – Blog

As ice melts in the Arctic, the Navy anticipates that it will have to increase its presence in the harsh northern region, but not until after 2020, according to a new roadmap released by the service Feb. 24. There will be low demand for additional naval involvement in the Arctic through the end of this […]