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Italian coast guards rescue 700 migrants as EU leaders promise action –

Italian coast guards rescued nearly 700 people in five separate operations overnight around the island of Lampedusa, they said Friday. News of the rescue operations came as European Union leaders were meeting in Brussels, Belgium, for a summit at which the issue of migration was high on the agenda. The deaths of more than 300 […]

Lampedusa migrant crisis: Sicily declares emergency – BBC News

The governor of Sicily has declared a state of emergency because of the large numbers of migrants it is having to deal with. The order will release funds for aid workers helping the now daily arrivals of hundreds of migrants from Africa and Syria. Italian officials say 370 migrants were rescued from three boats in […]

Authorities Intercept 41 Undocumented Migrants near Mona Island –

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Border Patrol and U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) interdicted 41 undocumented immigrants, 38 Haitians nationals and 3 Dominican Republic nationals. The 41 undocumented nationals were intercepted early Saturday morning seven nautical miles northwest of Mona Island, Puerto Rico. “Crossing the Mona Passage is a treacherous voyage filled with many dangers […]

Italy saves 300 migrants off Sicily including new-born – BBC News

More than 300 migrants – most of them believed to be Syrians – have been rescued from two overcrowded boats off Sicily, Italian officials say. A four-day-old girl born at sea was among the migrants, a coastguard commander said in the port of Syracuse. The baby and her mother are in good health, the commander […]

Six Egyptian migrants drown on 20-metre swim from boat to Sicily beach | World news |

Italy was shaken over the weekend by the deaths of six young Egyptians who drowned while trying to swim 20 metres from a wooden fishing boat to the shore, and whose bodies were laid out in bags beside sun umbrellas on a popular Sicilian beach. The prosecutor of Catania, Sicily’s second city, opened an investigation […]

Three migrants drown on perilous trek to Italy in rubber dinghy | GlobalPost

Three female migrants died during a treacherous voyage to Europe in a rubber dinghy and 174 others were rescued as they made their way to the Italian island of Lampedusa, media reported Sunday. A group of 90 Somali immigrants was intercepted while drifting in a dinghy in the Canal of Sicily and was rescued by […]

Dramatic sea rescue in Italy, 900 migrants land in two days – Latest – New Straits Times

ROME: Italy’s coast guard rescued 95 migrants found clinging to a large tuna fishing cage off the shores of Sicily on Sunday, as the number of people who landed in Italy over the weekend rose to over 900. Rescuers pulled more than 250 people to safety on Sunday as two boats  crossing the Mediterranean got […]