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Pirates Kidnap Two Near Nigerian Oil Facility

Pirates attacked a tugboat near the Brass River crude oil export terminal in Nigeria, kidnapping the ship’s captain and an engineer, two security sources said. The Italian oil company Eni operates the terminal. Attacks by armed gangs are common along the winding creeks of the Niger Delta, home to Africa’s biggest oil industry. They make […]

Ukrainian released by pirates in Nigeria

The captain of the Greek oil tanker MT Althea, a Ukrainian national, has been released from pirate captivity in Nigeria, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s information policy department reported on Tuesday. According to the report, the Ukrainian captain is currently at the airport of the city of Lagos, soon he will fly home. His health condition […]

Pirates board gas carrier in Gulf of Guinea – IHS Maritime 360

Five pirates boarded a drifting gas carrier about 55nm west of Corisco island in the Gulf of Guinea, the International Maritime Bureau reported in the early hours of 2 January. Crew raised the alarm and blew the ship’s horn, which resulted in the pirates escaping, said the International Maritime Bureau (IMB). [object HTMLTextAreaElement] via Pirates […]

Pirates Looting Ship Cargoes With AK-47s Threaten African Oil | gCaptain ⚓ Maritime & Offshore News

Ankur Varma, third officer on the oil tanker M/V Cotton, opened his cabin door at five minutes to midnight on July 14 to find two men pointing AK-47s at him. “They just pushed me into the cabin with the guns in my chest and they told me to stay silent,” Varma said in a phone […]

ReCAAP issues incident alert re tanker Armada Ali – Safety4Sea

ReCAAP ISC has issued incident alert 03/2013 regarding an incident involving the tanker Armada Ali. On 23 Sep 13 at or about 0230 hrs, a Marshall Islands-registered tanker, Armada Ali was conducting STS operations with another vessel at Nipah anchorage, Indonesia when three robbers armed with knives and metal rods boarded the tanker. The crew […]

Regional centre in Sanaa fights piracy, armed robbery | Al-Shorfa

Yemen is strengthening efforts to fight piracy and armed robbery on nearby seas alongside 10 other countries through the Regional Maritime Information Sharing Centre in Sanaa. The centre was established in 2011 but until July 2013 it lacked a presidential decree specifying its duties, said centre head Mohammed al-Majaashi. The centre now seeks to expand […]

IMB Piracy Report highlights violence in West Africa | Pbo

Somali piracy has fallen to its lowest levels since 2006, focusing attention on violent piracy and armed robbery off the coast of West Africa. These are the findings of the latest International Chamber Commerce (ICC) International Maritime Bureau (IMB)’s global piracy report. Worldwide, the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre (PRC) recorded 138 piracy incidents in the […]