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Greenland’s northeastern ice sheet starting to melt | Alaska Dispatch

Greenland’s previously stable northeastern ice sheet is starting to melt, according to a new study published in the journal Nature Climate Change. While Greenland’s melting ice sheet has contributed to an increase in the world’s sea levels over the last 20 years, the recent study suggests that Greenland’s northeast ice stream, located 370 miles to […]

Arctic Taskings for the Coast Guard

On January 30, 2014, the White House released the Implementation Plan for the National Strategy for the Arctic Region. The purpose of the Implementation Plan is to put flesh on the bones of the May 10, 2013 National Strategy for the Arctic Region. The National Strategy had identified three lines of effort to address challenges […]

Environmentalists welcome EU proposal on Arctic – Safety4Sea |

The European Parliament has passed a resolution calling for a protected area around the North Pole which could ban oil companies and industrial fishing fleets from the region, according to Greenpeace. The move represents a clear break from the current positions of ‘Arctic Council’ members such as Norway, Denmark, Canada and Russia who have resisted […]

[US] Navy to Take Larger Role In Arctic Region – Blog

As ice melts in the Arctic, the Navy anticipates that it will have to increase its presence in the harsh northern region, but not until after 2020, according to a new roadmap released by the service Feb. 24. There will be low demand for additional naval involvement in the Arctic through the end of this […]

Russia to reorganize military forces in the Arctic | Barentsobserver

Northern Northern Fleet-United Strategic Command (Severny Flot-Obedinyonnoye Strategicheskoye Komandovaniye, SF-OSK) will be established already in 2014, a source says to ITAR-TASS. According to the source, the establishment of the new formation is a result of the need to defend Russia’s national interests in the Arctic, including providing security for its naval and civilian vessels and […]

There’s more behind Arctic shipping than climate change – The Globe and Mail

There is a continuing debate about the possible emergence of an ‘Arctic shipping boom’ in Canada. Recent headlines outline both cargo shippers’ plans to increase voyages through the Northwest Passage and an interminable list of risks associated with this possibility, while other stories call for a reality check and for promoters of the so-called boom […]

Polar Code, Set Of Proposed Arctic Shipping Rules, Could Go Into Force In 2016

New shipping rules are soon to be agreed for the Arctic, where summer sea ice has shrunk by about two-thirds over three decades, opening a new ocean with vast natural resources. Maritime nations are close to a landmark deal on the Polar Code, aimed to improve safety, lead to lower insurance premiums and help the […]