[US] Navy Prepares Fleet for More Arctic Missions | DoD Buzz

The Navy is accelerating research and technology programs aimed at preparing the fleet to operate in the Arctic.

Navy leaders had been preparing to increase the services’ Arctic presence by the mid-2030s, but they are now accelerating the timetable to the mid-2020s due to the warming of the waters and the rapid pace of melting ice.

Rising water temperatures means less ice in the Arctic, creating a circumstance wherein more open waterways will emerge. As a result, the Navy is putting the final touches on a new Updated Arctic Road Map designed to help the service achieve a more Arctic-capable fleet.

The Updated Arctic Road Map is aimed at paving the way toward creating the investments and technologies needed to ensure the Navy can weather the rigorous challenges of the Arctic environment.

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via Navy Prepares Fleet for More Arctic Missions | DoD Buzz.

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