The rise and fall of Somalia’s pirate king | Toronto Star

As the Somali piracy blockbuster Captain Phillips raked in $26 million in its opening weekend on U.S. screens, Mohamed Abdi Hassan, better known as “Afweyne,” was on a flight to Belgium with plans to sell a very different story about East African marauders.

Expecting to consult on a movie based on his life as a seafaring bandit, Afweyne and his associate were instead arrested and charged with the crimes of piracy and hostage taking.

The two men had fallen for a hard-to-believe, reverse-Argo ruse — a months-long sting operation to catch the mastermind behind the 2009 hijacking and ransom of the Belgian-owned dredging vessel Pompei.

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via The rise and fall of Somalia’s pirate king | Toronto Star.

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