Help Track Sandy Debris for Cleanup

NOAA's Marine Debris Blog

By: Ron Ohrel

Sandy left behind a swath of damage, hurling building materials, docks and piers, vehicles, and other large debris in the waters and marshes of affected states. Removal of that debris takes great effort but is necessary to maintain navigation routes, ensure safe boating, swimming, and other recreational activities, and protect sensitive ecosystems.

Much debris has been removed, but more remains. NOAA needs assistance in identifying its location, and you can help. All it takes is an Android or iPhone and an interest in cleaning up our waterways!

If you spot large debris items that Sandy left behind, either while participating in organized cleanups or during the course of your normal beach-going activities, please let us know through the Marine Debris Tracker. The information will be used to assist any future planning efforts. (**Editor’s note: Quick point of clarification! Some readers have asked if this means…

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