Where Are the Arrested Somali Pirates Held? | Neptune

Despite the media neglect, at present, nearly 1,200 buccaneers are being held in prisons in half the world.From spending on criminal bailouts, this week, a Kenyan court condemned to nine Somalis to five years in prison after finding them guilty of violent abduction of MV Magellan Star, in September 2010.“They the pirates endangered the lives of the crew by shooting at her’, claimed the indictment.According to a recent report by One Earth Future Foundation, the costs in global markets caused by attacks in the Indian Ocean dropped by almost 13 certainly in 2012.The paper highlights how the expenses caused by piracy happened in just one year USD $7 billion in 2011, to between $5.7 and $6.1 billion dollars in twelve months. Similarly, the value of the ransom paid was reduced by 80 percent.

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