The Somali fisherman abducted and abandoned in Paris – BBC News

A 35-year-old Somali fisherman, wrongly accused by the French government of being a pirate, has spent five lonely years in Paris – mostly behind bars – unable to see his son or wife and is now fighting for compensation.

For many people in Africa, the idea of visiting the French capital is an unattainable dream but for Abdulqader Guled Said, his real-life experience of Paris has been a nightmare.

At the end of the four-month 2008 fishing season, he was heading from the coast of Somalia to his home in the town of Garowe, about 180km (110 miles) inland, but never arrived.

He was detained in a dramatic helicopter raid by French commandos near the town of Jariban on 12 April, along with five others.

via BBC News – The Somali fisherman abducted and abandoned in Paris.


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