Navy Adopts Hybrid-Electric Amphibious Assault Ships – DoD Buzz |

The U.S. Navy is incorporating fuel-efficient hybrid-electric propulsion technology onto several of its next-generation big-deck amphibious assault ships, the service’s top civilian said.

The USS America (LHA-6) and the USS Tripoli (LHA-7) are part of what the Navy calls its now-in-development America-class amphibious assault ships designed with, among other things, a larger deck space to increase the ability to transport and utilized air assets, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus told an audience May 21 at the 2013 Energy Efficiency Global Forum, Washington, D.C. The ships are being engineered with a hybrid-drive propulsion system, meaning the ships can use diesel-electric propulsion as well as gas-turbine engines.

via DoD Buzz | Navy Adopts Hybrid-Electric Amphibious Assault Ships.


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