DoD Buzz | LCS Crew Discovers Seawater in Freedom’s Lube-Oil

Maintenance crews are working to repair faulty lube-oil  coolers on board the USS Freedom, the Navy’s first Littoral Combat Ship, less than two weeks since it docked in Singapore as part of the services’ first-ever LCS deployment.

The Freedom’s crew reported that seawater had gotten into the ship’s lube-oil placing the Freedom at risk, officials said. Crew members discovered the water after it took lube-oil samples, said Lt. Anthony Falvo, Pacific Fleet spokesman.

“The crew reported a problem with a faulty lube-oil cooler. The coolers use seawater to cool the lube oil in the ship’s propulsion systems. The lube oil passes through tubes in the ships propulsion system.  They get very hot.  Seawater is used to rush over those tubes to cool it down a bit,” Falvo said.

via DoD Buzz | LCS Crew Discovers Seawater in Freedom’s Lube-Oil.


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