Obama Administration Releases Plan to Promote Ocean Economy and Resilience | The White House

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the Obama Administration released its final plan for translating the National Ocean Policy into on-the-ground actions to benefit the American people. With significant public input from a wide spectrum of individuals and interests, the final Implementation Plan focuses on improving coordination to speed Federal permitting decisions; better manage the ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes resources that drive so much of our economy; develop and disseminate sound scientific information that local communities, industries, and decision-makers can use; and collaborate more effectively with State, Tribal, and local partners, marine industries, and other stakeholders.  Without creating any new regulations or authorities, the plan will ensure the many Federal agencies involved in ocean management work together to reduce duplication and red tape and use taxpayer dollars more efficiently.

“This plan embodies the type of efficient, collaborative government that taxpayers, communities, and businesses expect from their Federal Government,” said Nancy Sutley, Chair of the Council on Environmental Quality and Co-Chair of the National Ocean Council. “With increasing demands on our ocean, we must improve how we work together, share information, and plan smartly to grow our economy, keep our ocean healthy, and enjoy the highest benefits from our ocean resources, now and in the future.”

via Obama Administration Releases Plan to Promote Ocean Economy and Resilience | The White House.


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